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Long time since I updated this blogeroo of mine... So, this is what my Waldorf doll looks like!!! I'm still trying to find a name for her. In any event, here she is! Really loved the end result! I just loved this picture of Cesar. It's one of the very rare ones that he lets me take without covering his face! This is Perla, his bird that we ended up finding out is a BOY... we didn't bother changing his name. And this year, both Coco and Cesar finished their religious education for the sacraments of reconciliation and communion (Coco) and confirmation for Cesar. We are so proud of both of them! Papa Riordan was Cesar's sponsor, and we were happy to celebrate with his dad and family I've been craving the days of summer, but we haven't gotten many, so we are making the most of each one we get. As every year, we had Megan's birthday. This year the theme was Superheroes... loved it! This year all the boys in our block got together to rent a machine to dethach the

About birds and TEA

Before I start my update... I just had to take a picture of Connor. He is such a BOY!!! I think boys are programmed to be goofy... If you have a boy, I'm sure you have found these kids of scenes, pretty much daily! Anyways, this Good Friday I participated in The Way of the Cross celebrated at 3 pm in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic we have in Aurora. I was so glad to see such a large group, it kept growing as the minutes went by. It was pretty cold, and as usual, I was not wearing a sweater or jacket, but it was well worth it. We prayed for the babies being killed, for their mothers and for the doctors and nurses that assist them. May God help them all. As I did this, Noni came to take the kids to decorate eggs. We did decorate some at home on Saturday, too, but Noni's were a lot more dramatic, especially the one with all those feathers! Coco and Connor found some presents from the Bunny on Sunday morning. After church, we went to Noni and Papa's to celebrate with ou